IRC presence is on #RackTables channel of the Libera.Chat IRC network.

For those willing to give thumbs up or to help spreading the word, there are several ranking systems this project accepts votes/reviews through: SourceForge and Open Hub. Even a single post in your blog would be just Ok.

There is a free (and even advertisement-free, thanks to FreeLists) mailing list for RackTables (racktables-users). It is currently the best place to share your experience or to ask for an advice. To change your subscription to the list, please use the original Freelists form. Public archives of the list are available without subscription.

If you are sure you found a bug in the software, please use this Mantis bug tracking system system we have on SourceForge. Like in many volunteer-driven projects, requests are not dispatched immediately, but most of the major bugs end up fixed eventually. Please note that all reported issues are public by default, but it is possible to protect sensitive information by setting "View Status" of a submitted issue to "private".

If for some reason the public list and the bug tracker are not the choice for the matter, there is a closed committers-only list: .